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How does it work?
Simply, no need to install any Apps for the customer or no installation required in your facility
MyScanMenu is a Web Apps, it will be accessible by all your customers by scanning with their phone or tablet, a QR Code present on each of your tables.
This QR Code will automatically redirect them to your menu.
No need to print new menu to update them or disinfect them. No longer need to invest in table sets that will cost you and will end up in the garbage every day.
You will have a digital menu that can be translated into several languages, which can contain photos of each product to highlight them and also allows you to add information for each product.
This will allow the customers to access a menu reduced if you have, for example, vegetarian customers, gluten-free customers, etc.
Thanks to new technologies, you can enjoy a digital menu at low price.

Why the QR Code?

During the current crisis, our habits must change.
The QR Code is an alternative:

  • easy to use
  • intuitive
  • design
  • sustainable
  • economic
  • green

Customer benefits

Safe for your health

No contamination possible as with traditional menu.


Menu easy to access and available for all.


Photo of each dish possible for an easy choice and highlighting of your products.


A specific desire? An allergy? Need the menu in another language? All of this is possible in a few clicks.

Restaurant benefits

Accordance with the rules

In this time of health crisis, Scan Menu allows you to respect the new rules of hygiene in place.


Scan Menu allows you to add, edit, disable, remove items from your card easily. No software or installation required.


No more carpaccio available? Deactivate it from the menu in few seconds through your smartphone.


Web Apps is designed so you can just look at where you need to go to deactivate an item, add a photo, modify a translation,...


You can list all allergens for each product, type of meat, vegetarian,... To adapt the menu according to the options chosen by the customer.


No more need for multiple menus, the client can change the menu language in one click.

App Screenshots

How much does it cost?

(*) You can cancel your account free of charge during the first 14 days from the creation date of your account. After these 14 days, an invoice will be sent to you at the end of each month. To terminate our services you can simply send us an email. The reception date of the email will be the date used for ending the contract if no date are specified. Every month started will have to be paid in full.


per month and per facilities (*)

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